Restaurant Promotion Idea #16- Look Busy

The Importance of where your guest sits

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I have in my many years in the restaurant industry learnt that there are some simple methods you can use to bring customers into your restaurant. One of them is where you seat your first few customers. People will normally shy away from a restaurant that looks empty or is very quiet. They usually have the impression that the food there is not very good, that’s why its empty. So a busy restaurant will give the customer a feeling that this place is really good. For me what I normally do is to seat my first few customers towards the front of the restaurant. This will give the impression that the restaurant is quite full. I also like to stand or move slowly outside of my restaurant to locate tables where its the first eye contact when the customer looks in or is passing by. Identify the tables and train your hostess to seat your first few customers there. So when other potential customers passes by, they will see some people moving around the outlet. If you put the first few customers at the back, people looking in will see an empty restaurant. This is a trick that I learnt from my former boss in Koh Samui. So far this technique works well to get the customers to come in. But when the customers is in then its through Great Customer Service that you get repeat customers.
If you are a restaurant with your very own carpark. You can use this method too. Ask your employees to park in front at specific carparks that can be seen from the road. Do this on slow days until your tables fill, then have them move to another location. I am sure your staff is willing to do this for you. Some car manufacturers only allow staff that own their brand with their make infront of the factory. So the first impression is that alot of staff love their cars.
In promoting your outlet, always look around simplest ways will bring people in.





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