Restaurant Promo Ideas # 24 :- Chef’s Night Buffet

 Hire a Celebrity Chef

Licensed by Creative CommonsOne promotional activity that some restaurants as well as hotels prefer to carry out is to have Guest Chefs. Should they possess the budget, they will get a Celebrity Chef to prepare some dishes. Most of time hiring a Celebrity might not bring you the profit you desire after taking out the chef’s expenses as well as their perks. However its a good advertising and marketing hook in order to let people know that you are around. Nevertheless, you also need to ensure that your kitchen prepares food as good as that which was made by the Celebrity Chef or else you will only end up being busy when the he is around. Another alternative would be to create certain theme and obtain Chefs from that region to prepare. When I was attached to a beautiful resort in a little village on the East Coast of Malaysia known as Cherating. Each year for a month in September we used to bring Chefs from our sister property in Thailand to do a month long Thai Promotion. We did some fruit carving as well as Thai food cooking classes for our guests. We even hired a Tuk tuk to shuttle guests from town to our resort. It was really fun.

Use your own Junior Chef

Should you have funds constraints, another recommendation is what we also did in this same resort. August is quite a difficult month to come out with promotional activities as there aren’t many festivals or events that fall within this month.  In the event that we were to create a buffet dinner then we had to come out with a theme along with a menu. Well, at that moment our brains wasn’t functioning. We came out with a concept of allowing our junior chefs to  produce the food selection for the buffet.  And so we did a Chef Night Buffet competition. We got different kitchen to contribute two items to the buffet. We gave each kitchen a main component such as the Malay kitchen got prawns along with a rice dish, Chinese kitchen got say Crab and a noodle dish. They had to create a dish using the component provided to them. The food tags had the name of the dish, who prepared it as well as from which kitchen.  On the dining room table we placed a questionaire for customer to mention the very best dishes. We collected it and tabulated it regular. The kitchen with the most votes received a reward. The customers liked the idea, they had the opportunity to taste something that is brand new and maybe unique. The cooks proudly stood at the back of their food to promote their dish, which in turn guaranteed good quality as well as taste is excellent. And the best part of it we didn’t need to crack our heads developing a menu.