Promoting your Restaurant through Great Customer Service

Promoting your Restaurant with J.B.N

Another key point towards promoting your restaurant, is the customer service. Its how people like your outlet once they are in it. Your chef may be great, your decoration might be top class, your beverage list might extensive but if the front line is not customer friendly then people will not return. Worse of all they might give you bad reviews to anyone they meet. Nowadays bad reviews can reach more people with the help from the World Wide Web. This is the reason why you need to watch what people are saying about you. But watching alone will not make people say good things about your place, you need to train your staff to be customer friendly. So naturally the next restaurant idea is as follow.

Restaurant Promotion Ideas #4.J.B.N -Just Be Nice

As mentioned earlier, this is probably the most important marketing tool in the restaurant business. Word of mouth advertisement is the perhaps the most effective promotional method you can use. Reason being people will trust the word from a friend rather then believing all the advertisements in all the media that you can afford to buy. And later their friends will tell their own friends and list will go on and on.So you can imagine how many people will know what had happened at your place. In my future post I will also add some pages on How to create a Great Customer Service Culture. Another way is you can visit your regulars or even potential business at their workplace or homes. The best time is normally when there is a special occasion like birthdays, local festivals and more. For example for the Mooncake Festival we went to visit some potential clients bearing gifts of mooncakes. Most of the clients was surprised especially those that lived quite a distance from our hotel. By this simple gesture, the locals became very close to us and we have been receiving a dinner function from one of the customer we visited every two months. If you have a band, you can bring them too. One year when we visiting customers for Christmas to bring them yulelogs, we brought along the band. You should have seen the customer’s face, when the band walked in singing Christmas Carols. By doing all this we managed to build some loyal customers to our restaurants.

Going the Extra Mile :-Surprise the guest with a baby basket in your restaurant

If you want to go the extra mile to create a lasting experience for your customers, you need to watch and see what little things you can do to create that experience. Some books or blogs suggest that you give out freebies or discounts. But its the small things that make the customer remember you most. In my daily rounds of my outlets I have noticed that parents with small babies especially those below one year, had a hard time eating when the baby was asleep. I felt it was really uncomfortable for the baby too. So I purchased a nice rattan baby basket that will fit into two of my restaurant chairs when joined together. So whenever my staff see a guest with a small sleeping baby, they will take the basket and join two chairs. Don’t forget a small pillow and blanket. But don’t forget to always change the pillow case. So far most parents were happy with this gesture, some even took out photos. Just put yourself in the parents shoes, how would you feel if someone did this for you.

How to Open a Restaurant in 8 weeks in Malaysia

Product How to Open your Restaurant in 8 weeks
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Starting a restaurant looks very lucrative simply because people generally love to eat and we eat out lot..!! Asians are some lucky lots who can afford to have breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner and supper without having to know how to cook and without poking huge holes in our wallets. Eating out is part of our culture. We eat out all the time.

This explains the numerous restaurants, cafes, warungs, bistros, or kopitiams in almost every corner of Asian countries. It seems like everyone knows and wants to open a restaurant. You don’t need to be a chef to open a restaurant. In fact, most restaurant owners can’t even cook.! Many are politicians, singers, actors, models, housewives, retirees, businessmen who love food or even foreigners who want to introduce food from their homelands. While anybody can open a restaurant, it takes a trully hardworking, dedicated and discipline entrepreneur to open and operate a successful restaurant.

Here is a detailed step-by-step ebook to guide you in planning your finances, obtaining necessary licenses and opening your first restaurant in Malaysia