Interactive Tablet Menus for your Restaurant



Advantages and Disadvantages of Interactive Tablet Menus for your Restaurant

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Recently I was ask to do a proposal on the usage of tablets as interactive menus. The management was pondering on this idea. The use of tablets is nothing new. Coupled with tablets sold at an affordable price. Some restaurants are trying out this type of alternative menu options. Below are several advantages as well as disadvantages on usage of tablet. That you should take into account. With the increase in restaurant using tablets, app developers are also getting into picture. There are many apps on Google Playstore some are free and some you have to buy.



1. With the tablet you can add in beautiful pictures of your food and more information. You could create a link to each item that you want to add more information. The customer need to click on the link to get more info and a pop up with info will appear. Whereas with the traditional paper menu, there are limited space to add more information. Thus your waiter have to explain to the customer the dishes. Which will take a lot of your waiters time.

2. You can even create a link to a video on how each dish is prepared.

3. With a tablet you can add monthly  specials as and when you want to. Whereas with a paper menu, you have to print on a separate sheet of paper and present it alongside the menu.

4.. The information can be updated in realtime. With the ever changing prices and stock availablilty. The ability to change the menus when there is a discountinued product at real time is a plus. With traditional paper menus, you  either have to change the whole menu which is costly. Or ugly stickers over the item.

5. With a tablet menu you can even do a daily special. It can be special items that the chef have just obtained from the local market. The old way is to use a large blackboard and place it at the entrance. But your customer may miss it on the way in plus the blackboard doesn’t  say a lot about the dish. And your waiter needs to paint a beautiful  as well as mouthwatering image in the guest mind with only his words. This takes time. But with a delicious looking pictures coupled with a detailed explanation. Customers will order that particular dish.  Then when the specials ends, you just need to remove it from your tablets. Its that easy.



1. Tablets can easily get broken when accidently dropped by a customer or staff.

2. The initial investment of buying the tablets are large for some.

3.Tablets can get stolen.

4. Some of your customers might not favour a tablet. Reason being they might feel that the whole day is spend infront of a screen, even for dinner they are in front of a screen.


Tablets will be nice addition to your restaurant. But you still need to weight the Advantages and Disavantages. Do you need it? Will it help increase revenue? Will it speed up the ordering process? Will he customers be so engrossed with the tablet menu, that it delays the ordering process? How will my customers accept it?

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2 thoughts on “Interactive Tablet Menus for your Restaurant

  1. The disadvantages are incorrect. In three years with multiple clients and hundreds of digital menus we have never had one stolen. They are encased so we have also never had one break when dropped. Lastly, the devices cost less than $1.25 per device per day for a typical full service restaurant. On average tables turn 7 minutes faster, appetizer, drink and dessert sales increase about 20%, servers tips are higher, and guest credit cards are safer as they pay on the device. All of that FAR outweighs the cost of the technology. Lastly, a restaurant may not need as many servers per shift.

  2. It depends on the outlet too. For those outlets that have a lesser turnover of staff, chances of damages and getting stolen is less. As these staffs are more loyal to the owners. But with the heavy turnover in the food industry nowadays, you also have to take this into consideration.I am not saying its a bad idea to use tablets as menus but you need to also consider whether it will help your business. In your case it was a great investment. Thanks for your opinion. I am sure it will be a great help to others should they want to use tablets as menus

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