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Having worked in the Food and Beverage industry for almost two decades I naturally like anything that is related to this line of work so much so that my other half jokes, that the food industry is my first love. I love the challenge of bringing in business and she is comes in second. I love meeting people, seeing the result of a successful promotional activity. In this blog are some of the ideas that I have done and also some that I have seen to be successful.

Small Business Idea :- Setting Your Fresh Juice Bar

The owner of a little hotel in my area, approach me. He had this little lounge that the business was sluggish. The reason was that there was a number of competition around. This individual wanted to convert this lounge into a cafe something like Starbucks. I actually suggested a Juice Bar as another option. Purpose being a cafe like Starbucks you require experience baristas, where else a juice bar, anybody can blend juices after a little training. He loved the idea, renovations to the bar is ongoing now.
Recently there is a trend in living a healthy life style. With many people exercising and eating healthy food choices and beverages, especially juices and smoothies. People have found that the benefits associated with fresh juices are numerous. To put it briefly juicing creates liquid food, which the body can absorb easily. Juicing allows the vitamins and other nutrients in fresh fruits and veggies to be easily consumed. Folks are looking for alternatives to healthy food but without the hassle of cooking it and the limited available amount of time in the ever challenging world. Juices and smoothies are definitely the chosen alternative for a natural, healthy, fast and affordable meal option


There are numerous options of setting a juice bar. You can start small such as a little kiosk at a shopping mall, a food court or a tiny shoplot. You may also set up in a food truck which is a great option. ince you can try different locations to see which is the best before settling down. Look for the place where there are young people like Colleges or University, near a gym or spa or even by beach.


The appearance of your juice bar is essential. You need to be warm and welcoming so people feel at home. Therefore stay longer. Only be careful not to overdo it. I have seen cafes overdo their decoration it looks so clustered. Go around your area and see how others design their area. Sit and dine there, to give yourself a customer’s prospective. You can even source from ideas from the net with sites like Pinterest.
Showcase some of your products where your customers can easily see them.  It will show your customers the freshness of your products and act as a delicious and colourful decoration.


Prepare your juice menus. The menu must include organic and natural, healthy, fast and affordable drinks. If you can add locally produced fruits and veggies will be great. Don’t be afraid to test with different fruit and veggie combinations to come up with something that no-one else has. You could make your very own signature drink to keep people coming back. Check the competition to see what their menu looks like. If certain fruit drinks are popular, you want to have an alternative to that option. o you don’t lose customers. Surf the web for recipes, there are alot online so you don’t have to crack your head. I actually get my recipes from the net. An example is from the site below.


For food items, sell some salads and desserts. In the hotel cafe, I proposed to have some salads in the jar and also fruits. If you search on Pinterest, you will find alot of interesting desserts served in mason jars. We also set up a panini machine. Here we sold different types of Panini Sandwich. Click here to read my article on How to Open  a Panini Cafe


Don’t price too high. Look around and see what your competitors are selling. Also if you are putting your juices and desserts in take away containers. Make sure you factor it into the food cost.


There are alot of ways you can market your juice bar. One way is to offer sample. You can put little take away cups with samples of your signature and hand out at the entrance. This great if your cafe have a good foot traffic. Another way is to bring the samples to the nearest gym or spa and let the customers there try. But get permission from the owners first.Create little passports that the holder gets a free beverage after they have purchased à certain amount. To know more of using the passport concept, visit my post at Restaurant Promotion Idea #45:-Repeat Buusiness with Unique Loyalty Program

Promote your juice bar on social media. Don’t only promote your products . Add articles related to health and the benefita of juices. Join groups that matches the healthy life style. Make sure your website is beautiful and up to date. If you have the funds, use a professional website company like Restaurant Engine below

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F & B Article :- The Psychology Behind Great Restaurant Design (Infographic)

The psychological aspect of setting up your restaurant.


A good restaurant is not only about the food. Its about the design, the layout and ambience. Setting a restaurant is more a science that beauty. What you think is beautiful might suit the people dining there. Here’s a simple inforgraphic on the Psychological Aspects of Setting Up a Restaurant.

The Psychology Behind Great Restaurant Design (Infographic)

The infographic defines major facets of restaurant design such as:

  • How colors affect our appetite
  • Which scents stimulate different behaviors
  • The three primary sections behind planning restaurant lighting
  • How acoustics can trigger certain habits
  • The strong considerations behind designing the interior

To know more please click on link below.  The Psychology Behind Great Restaurant Design (Infographic)




Restaurant Promotion Ideas # 50- Giving Sweet Memories with a Photobooth

Giving your customers sweet photo memories to take home!!

Licensed by Creative Commons

Before for special occasion like Valentine’s, Mother’s Day we used to hire a photographer to get photographs for the customers that dine in. But you could only do that on special occasions. As the price of hiring a photographer was expensive. Which was not recommended to do everyday. Which means you’re limited to only certain days. But nowadays its easier, with the introduction of the self service photo booth. Here a hassle free picture taking device. You need to set the photo booth at a specific location. Your customers only needs to pose and snap their picture. They can either print, download to their mobile phones, share it with their friends or even on social media.

There is numerous types of photo booth in the market to buy or rent. But if your restaurant is just starting up and you are afraid to invest in a photo booth. You can build one yourself. There are great sites on the web with instructions on how to make your own photo booth. Here is a few that I found interesting.


This is a very simple basic photo booth. You only need an Ipad, a tablet stand and a wireless printer. You don’t need to build a box. This is suitable for restaurants that only need a photo booth for special occasions like Valentine’s day, Mother’s day, Christmas and so on. To make it more fun, create different backdrops with props according to the theme. This photo booth build is for people that don’t want to spend to much time, building the booth.


1. Set up a photo booth in minutes





If you don’t have an Ipad then here is a tutorial how to set up a simple photobooth using an android tablet and camera tripod.

5-minute Photo Booth

Well if you like to build a proper photo booth. And have the skills needed to do it. Here’s a site that gives you step by step instructions on building your very own photo booth along with its printer. I got this website a few months ago. Haven’t got round to building it cause time was not in my favour. But will do it someday cause it looks so simple from this site.

How I Built a Custom DIY Photo Booth for Weddings and Events

How I Built a Custom DIY Photo Booth for Weddings and Events

Add more ummph to your photo booth by adding props that people could use. Here a few websites that have printable photo booth props

Free Printable Photobooth




As for the photo booth software, there are alot different photo booth apps at Google Playstore or Apple Store. You just need to look whats suitable for you. For different occasions or themes. Of course the free ones have limited features. Tried it photo booths are great and fuss free way of promoting your restaurant on the social especially after your customers have so much fun.

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Professional Web Design Without Spending Thousands

The beautiful collection of website templates available on Restaurant Engine were crafted by top professional web designers who normally charge thousands for custom web design. Every detail perfectly positioned for restaurant websites to impress and attract more customers.

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Restaurant Promotion Idea #49:- Summer Promotion Ideas for Restaurants

3 Summer Promotion Ideas for your Restaurant

Licence by Creative Commons

Summer the hottest of the four seasons, falls between spring and autumn. The warm temperatures of summer will bring people out. Most countries especially the US have month long summer holidays. Thus most families will travel. If you are in a popular summer vacation spot. You have to come out with fun and creative restaurant promotion ideas to draw people in. Otherwise they will go somewhere else. Summertime is time for you to run a long promotion.

Here are some ways to boost sales and build your summer revenue.

1. Lower prices as the temperature rises.

Pull customers to your restaurant when the temperature rises. You can come away with great summer refreshments but if you don’t have an marketing hook. Custoners might not walk inside. Create a special discount that the customer receive $10 off any purchase of $100 when the temperature goes above 100 degrees. Put a huge termometer at your entrance with line at the targeted temperatures. Or you can also do a “Cool off. Once the temperature rises above 100, all fruit juices will be a dollar off”

Another idea, is to offer “Rainy Day Discounts” to attract customers indoors when it rains. Specially when their outdoor plans get cancelled or postponed. Create some rainy day activities in your restaurant. You can even purchase some board games or may be some online casino games you can learn about those in attitude.co.uk, to keep people entertained while they wait for the rain to stop. Advertise boldly at your entrance.

2. Sell Picnic Baskets

I’ve written in my earlier post.“Restaurant Promotion Ideas #30 – Valentine’s Day Picnic Baskets”, how you can boost your Valentine’s Day revenue with picnic baskets. You can create picnic baskets for summer. Add some light and refreshing food that folks may take with them to the beach or park. This will gives them the opportunity to spend more time at the beach or park. Without having to worry about lunch. You can find some food items ideas from the net. One such website to consider is.  15 Healthy Picnic Recipes 

3. Set Up a Sidewalk Kiosk

Should you be located in an area with heavy foot traffic, then this is an idea for you. Bring your products outside and place on tables to capture the eyes of customers passing by. Sell freshly squeezed juices or even refreshing salad. In my post, I have written how I got incremental revenue by setting a kiosk infront of my outlet here “The Benefits of having a Take Away Counter in your Restaurant”. Make use of a sidewalk kiosk to unload excess inventory at discounted prices. You can even use this chance to distribute flyers for lunch.

Whats your summer promotion? Share it with us in the comments space below. Summer is the best time to do a extended promotion.

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Restaurant Promotion Idea #48:- Attract your Little Customers

I have always worked in Beach Resort geared to families. I am always on the look out for ways to  draw in families to dine in my} outlets. Marketing to families are a different ballgame. You have to attract the kids first. So our busiest business comes during the school break when families go for holidays together. Marketing to kids is very profitable nowadays but you have to do it properly. As quoted in the National Restaurant Website “Recent Kidzsmart survey asked children what they like most about going out to eat with their parents. Their top answer was spending time with their family (60 percent), followed by fun (48 percent) and the food (43 percent).”. So your promotions should be geared in creating the spending time experience with parents.

Kids Eat Free

A common practice that most restaurants like to do is to give a free meal for the kids. Should you be offering a buffet, then you may offer every paying adult, the kids buffet is free. To make this work you must have some items on the buffet tailored to the kids. Or else you can even set up a special kids menu for the kids. With a lot of nicely coloured food stuff. In the event that you are only doing ala carte. then have a kids menu. For every main course, you will get a free main course for the children from the kids menu. What I did in my Japanese Restaurant was to set up 4 different bento sets. We also create a special kids menu, which will come free with every bento ordered.

The cost for the kids meal can be either taken away as a marketing cost from your earnings. Or perhaps you can do what I did, add it to the adult bento cost.

Have or Improve Your Kids Menu

To draw families with little kids, you need smaller menu designated for the little customers. If you don’t have one, start working on one. In the event that you have already one, revise it. Nowadays parents are looking for healthy options for their kids. Thus try to minimise pre process food like meat, nuggets and so on. I mentioned to reduce not eliminate. Also present the food in a fun and colourful manner to attract the kids. Actually healthy food choices artistically arranged can get the most fussy kid to eat it. Use your imagination, also you can get ideas from the net, my favourite is Pinterest.

A few points to take note. Kids dishes shouldn’t be too big. Should be colourful. And avoid oily ingredients and too much sugar.

Also your menu must be attractive. Your menu can be  a giveaway like as a colouring paper or even made into an airplane. That kids can take back or keep them occupied while their food is prepared. I’ve even created a menu which can be played like a snake and ladder game using two coins. Which kept the children entertained that mom and dad could dine in peace.

Create a Kids Corner

For our upcoming new family resort, I have recommended a little corner in the restaurant designated for the kids. You will notice this in fast food. There put little slides and a little playground. But slides and see saws might not be a good idea for an casual dining place.

What I proposed was a little area with bean bags, some story books, some educational toys and games that will keep the kids occupied. You can also add colouring activities for kids to work with. This will also keep the kids in one area and not disturb the other diners. This place should be obvious so that your customers know it exist and parents can keep a careful eye on their kids while they dine.

Kid Friendly Toilet and a Diaper Changing Station.

This is a great idea by our housekeeper. She added a diaper changing station in our handicap bathroom which was rather large. As a parent, my spouse and I used to dine at shopping malls cause it was so hard to find my kids pampers in restaurant toilets. Therefore adding a diaper changing station to your restaurant toilets can make it easier for customers with small children to enjoy their food. You should also add lower hand washing basins for your little customers.

Engage Young Guests through Interactive Activities.

If you don’t have place for kids corner, you can engage your young customers with some interactive activities. Recently when I stayed in the Legoland Hotel. The coffeehouse table was covered a large paper with pictures that kids can colour. It kept them quiet, we also joined in. After we left the threw away the paper. In previous hotel I even created a colouring book to give away. In Legoland Coffeehouse there is even a corner where the kids can decorate their own cookies. Also on high volume days you could also add a clown or a magician for the kids.

Restaurant Website Design, The Easy Way



Professional Web Design Without Spending Thousands

The beautiful collection of website templates available on Restaurant Engine were crafted by top professional web designers who normally charge thousands for custom web design. Every detail perfectly positioned for restaurant websites to impress and attract more customers.

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